Thursday, October 30, 2008


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Button-down: ZARA, Vest: vintage, Belt: ZARA, Leggings: AA

The amazing Danielle from Solestruck sent me the GUESS Maeve boots a week ago and they just arrived today. Now this may not be such a big deal for more established bloggers, but for me this offer came as a huge surprise. What makes this even more unbelievable/special for me is that (also unlike some more established bloggers) I couldn't afford these shoes on 'real life'.

So these will basically be my new "wear every day until you're sick of seeing them" boots.
Thank you solestruck <3 br="">
p.s. Promise to post a photo showing these boots a.s.a.p.


TINE said...

OMG YOU ARE SOOO LUCKY!! Those boots are awesome, can't wait to see you put them on! And I love that spiked bracelet you're wearing.

surimay said...

OMG! those boots are HOTTTTT! lucky! :D really compliments your style. love the spike bracelet you're wearing as well.

p.s. am also a fan of Mika Nakashima! i love her song 'kiss'. hmm maybe because she wears massive ridiculously awesome eyelashes in the video clip!

seralouise said...

those are amazing and the things you could do with them are endless . loving ur accessories here x

Anouk the Lionmane said...

wow. your blog ist very cool. love your style. as from now your blog ist on my linklist.

happy halloween



Gorgeousss...killer boots!
All in mysterious black, tres chic indeed... perfect for the season, Happy Halloween*

Amy (Shades-of-Black) said...

Great outfit, and yes, those boots are so HOT!!

JEYQ said...

LOVE your cuff.

Vero said...

wow I love these boots!!
theres these similar boots at payless but these look wayy better.

STARR said...

tine: Thank you! I just wore them.

surimay: Thanks, they definitely feel like 'me'. She IS ridiculously awesome!

seralouise: Yes! that's the reason I picked them out ;)

anouk: yay happy halloween <3

lenore: Yes I did feel halloween appropriate :P

amy: Thank you <3

jeyq: Thanks, I see these types of cuffs everywhere now.

vero: O I remember seeing those. I like that these have a bigger heel though ;)

Stompface said...

Is that an amazing studded bracelet I spy??

STARR said...

stompface: yes it is :) from south street.

Karafina said...

mmm... the boots are damn hot, and isnt solestruck the bomb? i got some shoes from them as well, and i will debuting them this week. free shoes are the best!!!!!!

STARR said...

karafina: Yes <3

TrueSilver said...

congrats!!! those boots are on FIYAH!!! LOl