Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mood Fabric

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Blazer: H&M, Button-down: GAP, Shirt: Bailey 44, Leggings: AA, Boots: Payless, Belt: ZARA

When I know I'm going to be getting up super early I like to plan what I'm going to wear the night before so I save as much time as possible for coffee/waking up.
I know in theory the process of getting dressed should really be more effortless, but I'd rather feel confident in what I'm wearing than reach for any old sweater and jeans. Its kind of nice having a little pile of clothes waiting for you in the morning when there are so many other things you have to worry about (like trying to keep your eyes open).

This is the outfit I came up with to wear to NY yesterday. It was comfortable and easy to put together, even though I was freezing until the sun came out.


Anonymous said...

i absolutely adore your style. this look is amaaazin! perfect for ny!
i can't wait for winter, when i can start putting on all the layers, the tights, and leggings... and being in LA, i have a long time to wait...D: said...

ijust discovered your blog, and im in loveeee. i love your style

maeko said...

in response to you comment on my site: hey, s, when have you done drunk housechores, luv? i think that story could be fun.

Miranda said...

i love this! very simple but still chic
and i know what you mean about having preplanned outfits
lately i haven't had the time to organize my outfits beforehand and i've been so annoyed with it!

Anonymous said...

you rock the rubber leggings

Dakota77 said...

Oh my, you truly are the master of layering, luv:-). What can I say? I absolutely love the outfit.
And yes, preparing the clothes you gonna wear the next day makes the whole business of getting ready in the morning much easier.

Nita-Karoliina said...

you look fabulous, i am also wearing AA-leggings today..
i post thursday pix later though

sueper said...

fierce leggings

Bella said...

Super sexy!

TINE said...

Awesome, awesome! You know, if you ever want similar AA leggings that you can just roll around the dirt in or something, they sell them at Target now for $12.99!!

Dana (MODAna) said...

definitely a New York worthy outfit

ashleigh said...

love love love my dear! you look so great! i loove those leggings! i'm pretty much living in mine!

p.s i'm linking you! it's so much easier to keep up with all your fabulous posts!

Knight Cat said...

girl your so gorgeous! really amazing, how you keep your style constant, you know? its amazing, its all black, but NEVER boring, i adore you

Fashion Fille said...

i leave my clothes out every night, too. it's so much easier! i just can't think enough in the morning.

Margaux said...

I really love your blog!

Valentine said...

Im officially adding you to my list of fall-- and pretty much every season-- inspirations.

love love love!

morena said...


STARR said...

leila: Thank you! layering is the best seriously

mwah: Thank you for visiting <3

maeko: well just washing dishes lol. I NEEDED clean dishes!

miranda: yaa! I hate having to wake up 5am or earlier without knowing what I'm going to wear.

msyeahh: why thank u!

dakota: Thank you <3

nita: they're a good investment I think lol

sueper: I <3 leggings

bella: ;-*

tine: seriously? I NEED to get to target now...If only I had a car

dana: :D

ashleigh: yes! If I haven't linked to you already I definitely will. <3 ur blog

knight cat: Aww I love this comment. I'm really glad my style is somewhat consistent. It makes me feel more "me"

fashion fille: Smart!

margaux: Thanks!

valentine: ooo thank you so much!

morena: I'm flattered <3

Funky-FiFi said...

Great outfit ! You are wearing the lame leggings very well!

Divinity Avenue said...

Love the leggings. I wish they were cheaper, cuz if so I'd have way more of them.

I laughed about the laying out clothes thing because I just got done doing that for tomorrow. Sure does make life easier.

Blood Roses said...

i love your boots! i am obsessed with chunky footwear right now.

ive just started a blog, id really appreciate it if you checked it out! :)

STARR said...

funky: Thanks! I keep hearing about these cheaper Target/Marshall's versions I want to locate.

divinity: haha it does! I should really do it more often but I'm usually working too late.

blood roses: Me too! It makes life (i.e. walking) so much easier.

mademoiselleb said...

Your style is PERFECT ! I LOVE it :)
I'm adding your blog to my favourite ones ! :)

Take care


donna said...