Tuesday, October 21, 2008


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Feeling like dressing a little more 'punk' lately. Probably has something to do with the lack of sunlight and stress from midterms (they really snuck up on me this time).

Here I'm wearing my trusty faux-leather F21 jacket over my drapey black F21 sweater and tee. On the bottom half I have my Zara chain belt, vintage leather mini, thigh-high socks, and overworn Payless boots.

I really want a more motorcycle style leather jacket that isn't too boxy (and not the ubiquitous UO version). Something like this:

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On a side note: I'm always looking for fashion-related T.V. shows and movies which is one reason I became so obsessed with The Rachel Zoe Project.
One of my favorite 'fashiony' movies is Kamikaze Girls.
It stars Kyoko Fukada and Anna Tsuchiya as a "Lolita" and "Yankee" girl (respectively), who become friends and have all sorts of little adventures together. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone remotely interested in fashion and looking for some inspiration. It's fun and of course Anna Tsuchiya is kind of amazing <3



Miranda said...

you have such skinny legs! :)
i hope you do well on your midterms!
love this outfit
i've been looking for a leather jacket myself

seralouise said...

love the layering here . lovin the leather mini and that belt !

Estelle said...

Yeah, H&M did a perfect leather jacket last winter... in plastic ! LOL, maybe you can find it on eBay !!!
Really cool outfit.

MR style said...

oh yeah u look nice

TINE said...

Awesome Zara belt! Hope you do well with your midterms, I just finished mine!

And that movie looks soo good, can I watch it online?

S said...

I seriously still can't believe you got those boots at PAYLESS! Amazing.

You look fantastic Starr, as you always do :)
And I know what you mean about getting a little bit more punk rock when the days are shorter and you're exhausted...I go through the EXACT same thing. Nonetheless, it's a good look so whatever :)

Jenny Cindy said...

You wear that punky look perfectly. It looks so chic on you and very cool. Love it.

Bella said...

Gotta love F21... this outfit is fabulous! And I'm right there with ya on locating the perfect motorcyle-ish jacket.

surimay said...

love the look! i need me some thigh high socks!

Kamikaze Girls looks really interesting. shall definitely take a look. thanks for recommendation! :D

sueper said...

totally feel ypur punk-vibe

FashionSongbird said...

I love this outfit! You rock the punk look. I agree, I want a more motorcyle-esque jacket, but my bank account simply will not let me.

Dana (MODAna) said...

I'm also feeling punkish!
I so need to find a pair of tartan skinny pants.

Nature Grafitti said...

oh my god, your legs! they are perfect! i am pretty much the most jealous little thing, ever ;)
your outfit is lovely, per usual


you've been linked.
and lovin that look on you
you make it supa badass!

STARR said...

miranda: Thank you! I have one coming up on monday :(

seralouise: Thanks <3

estelle: I'll have to check it out. I'm planning an H&M trip eventually to check out the commes des garcons.

tine: It's on youtube :)

s: You're always so sweet!

jenny: Thanks!

bella: I know! its impossible to find apparently..

surimay: No problem. I hope you enjoy!

fashionsongbird: maybe one of the cheaper stores will tap into all the bloggers' wishes for the perfect moto jacket.

dana: Yes! I want some too..or leggings

nature grafitti: Aww thank you so much <3

textstyles: Thank you, and likewise ;)


omg im check out this movie for sure!!

STARR said...

flashy kawaii: yes do it :)

mademoiselleb said...

Omg I LOVED this movie !

Léa. said...

Kamikaze girl it's a very good film !!♥
( sorry if isn't correctly but I'm French ^^ )