Sunday, October 19, 2008

Black Button-Down

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Shirt: Old Navy, Tank: AA, Vest: vintage, Leggings: AA, Boots: vintage

Currently on the lookout for a black button-down to layer/wear with hats and leggings.

Whenever it starts getting cold I find myself wearing lots of button-down shirts mainly because they're comfortable and loose (making it easy to layer for added warmth). I've actually worn several black long sleeved t-shirts to shreds because I would wear them under everything during the winter.
I guess you could say that when it gets colder I start dressing more and more like a boy.

I'm also searching for a good sturdy pair of flat ankle boots for winter. I somehow seem to 'forget' every year that there will be snow and ice on the ground and that I won't feel like wearing heels every day.

What are you guys going to be wearing this winter?


TINE said...

I LOVE those boots. Great find! I really just want to wear warm, thick tights + boots all winter.

Fashion Is Poison said...

lots and lots of black and grey with very small pops of color :]

the vest from zara retails for $70 but i have a friend that works there so i get some things discounted :D


just shopped your blog
lovin it
great style

Natacha said...

Nice blog!

Mimi said...

Adore this outfit from head to toe!

S said...

Slim-fit black and button downs are SO usually my winter thing. I'm trying to switch it up this year, but I nonetheless love it.
You look amazing!

Dana (MODAna) said...

I shall be wearing lots
and lots
and lots
of leather and faux fur

SICK. said...

loving the multiple layers, and is that bag vintage ?


sueper said...

I'm currently searching for the perfect wintercoat - let you know if I find it

ashleigh said...

i love it so much starr!

your layering is the best!

i love the vest over the shirt over the tshirt. perfect :)

STARR said...

tine: Yes! You've reminded me I need thicker tights.

fashionispoison: aww lucky! at $70 it's gotta be a 'no' for me :(

textstyles: Thank you :)

natacha: Thanks!

mimi: Thank you it was very comfy lol

S: oo its a great idea. I kind of want an oversized one too so I can wear it with leggings while covering everything.

dana: HAHA yes! same here (hopefully).

sick: yes it's vintage. I got it in London :)

sueper: Likewise! I don't have much luck with coats.

ashleigh; Thank you stylish lady<3

nv said...

love this outfit, you look so effortless

Funky-FiFi said...

I love this outfit so much!!

STARR said...

nv: <3 thank you

funky: :)