Monday, July 7, 2008


One of my all time favorite bloggers The Kitten from Picked Pics has posted about the amazing style site/community Chictopia and has included a picture of me as an example of its stylish members. Now this is pretty exciting for me considering its the first time a picture of me has appeared in another person's blog, let alone one of my favs! Thanks the_kitten <3

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Chictopia: Style Icon

Really, it is sick how many chic and stylish people roam the space of Chictopia. Yes, I signed up for Chictopia a while ago, it must be my 4th style community or so, but I think this is up til now the best I have come across, with easy navigation, appealing layout and better feel of a real community.

Back to my point, though, it is wicked how most of what is posted on Chictopia really IS chic. And I mean it. At first reluctant to sign up, it payed, especially because I met a couple of my reader of this blog through Chictopia, and it is always nice to get to know who is silently reading.

This is only a handful of those participating, it is really, really tough to select only a few, though. Ya, we are a crazy stylish crowd.

And - what is more - I have been selected as Style Icon of this month. Check the banner on the right, mates! Thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

I could not even decide on what look to post, because I love all of your outfits! Your style is fantastic, I knew I had to post it!!!

Whoa and thanks for the kind words!! This is reeeally flattering, especially coming from a so stylish person like yourself!


I love it too, except for some reason it gives many errors when trying to upload photos. Do this happen to you too?

STARR said...

the kitten: Thank you soo much <3

fashion chalet: yes sometimes I get those errors too :/

Sara Louise said...

congratulations, that's so awesome!you deserve it,you are so effortlessly stylish.

STARR said...

thank you thank you sara louise!