Friday, June 6, 2008


I love studs. Specifically when they're combined with black material of some kind. Unfortunately I have a hard time finding inexpensive studded pieces.

A while ago I did find these pumps at Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn, but sadly they're a half size too big. Until I find some insoles for them I won't be able to get much wear out of them. Today I decided to pair them with my trusty AA interlock mini skirt and a black and white printed vintage top. I also wore this cool necklace you can't really see that has silver and gold chains of different sizes linked together (from my grandmother<3). Of course ideally I would have these:




yiqin; said...

I love how studs make a statement immediately!

NICOLE said...

adorable outfit!

Fashion Is Poison said...

yay chictopian!!! :) the studs are hot

STARR said...

yiqin: I totally agree!

nicole: Thank you! and cute blog :)

fashion is poison: yaay! Glad to see you here! chictopians unite lol

Knight Cat said...

i will own these one day!

these are my favorite shoes right now, you have no idea!


leena said...

Great collection.And In Black They were Like Black Cobra.And I like them.