Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shopping Small

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Cardigan: secondhand Rachel Comey, Black Jacket: Rodebjer, Shirt: vintage, Jeans: UO, Boots: Rachel Comey

Lately I’ve been finding myself gravitating towards less mainstream brands and stores whenever I feel the need to go shopping. Whether it’s in store or online I really appreciate having a mix of high end and local designer clothes to choose from rather than the usual chain store brands.

Even when I’m in the mood to just window shop I would rather wander around a neighborhood like Williamsburg and find random boutiques than go to H&M or Zara in a mall. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that I’ve been making an effort to save up for classic investment pieces and then building up the rest of my wardrobe with vintage/independent designers. And let's face it, nobody wants to have the exact same items in their closet as the girl next to them.

Since I enjoy online shopping as much as the next twenty-something girl; I want to share with you guys a contest being held on The prize is a $1000 giftcard to

All you have to do to enter is like on facebook and submit a short video response saying why you should win. The deadline to enter is March 12.

For details just go to

Good luck!


Yth said...

I've the exact same thing. Clothing just seem less beautiful when you know everyone can buy it whenever they want...
Anyway, beautiful outfit. I love your vintage shirt!

Fabliha said...

that cardigan is amazing! your blog + style is just amazing :)


Alice /// VESTIGIAL WINGS said...

I agree with wanting things that not everyone already has but sometimes I just can't trust myself to make a good "executivve decision" on how quality a piece from an independent designer really is! do you ahve any tips or resources?

Suri May said...

love the outfit!
shopping. hmmm i haven't shopped properly in ages! still trying to save. it's killing me! but i do prefer to shop at boutiques more than chain stores. it's always more fun! a lot more opportunity for some interesting pieces!


Sydney L. said...

thats my plan either. and im proud of it ;)

Camille said...

same here. trying to pare down my wardrobe so that it's seasonless + designer for the most part. i don't mind h&m, zara, and xxi for some things though. i like zara for their shoes and bags, and xxi has surprisingly awesome skinnies (jeans, twill) for the price. i often find cute imitation leather skirts and shorts at h&m.

anyhoo... just stumbled onto your blog today. love your style~