Monday, February 6, 2012

Costume National For Sale

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I'm selling these Costume National boots on my blog shop. Check it out!

**I will be updating my shop throughout the week so keep an eye out for anything you might like**


Sydney L. said...

those are sexy! defo checking them out

Duck said...

Haha when I saw the title of this I thought "OMG someone is selling Costume National [the brand]"... I'm such a moron sometimes

Michelle said...

This boots looks incredible. I love it. How I wish I could able to wear that awesome boots. I really like it.
Thank you and keep sharing.

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Yesica said...

nice style blog and
lovely photos! i like this post!n,n

maybe you would Like to visit my blog? ♥
thanks!! have a nice day!!n,n

Fabliha said...

gosh those are amazing! if only they were my size


shi zhan said...

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