Friday, August 29, 2008

The Grunge

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Jacket: vintage, Shirt: H&M, Dress: H&M, Shoes: Primark, Bag: vintage Dior

Now I'm not claiming to live the lifestyle but I do appreciate the layered almost messy style associated with the word grunge.

Recently we've been seeing a resurgence of Hollywood celebrities reviving the style made famous by artists such as Kurt Cobain by wearing plaid shirts and rocker accessories.


As much as I think her style has gone downhill, I really do think the grunge look suits MK's persona. I think she does the oversized plaid button-down especially well.


Nita-Karoliina said...

oh i love this look, me nd my bf are both liking your style! u re mazing. i made a post where i put you, inspirationals bloggers

Anonymous said...

This and the last post's outfit are both so great and very, very cool on so many levels. Lovelovelove! The layering here is superb!

Mimi said...

Great and cool outfit.

chlozzard said...

i totally love grunge too, and i love your outfit :)

lena said...

I love this layering!

Snowshoe said...

I recently did a little starr retrospective and looked through all your posts on chictopia from the beginning... it was great from the start! you definitely inspire me! (the last outfit I posted felt reminiscent of your style to me...) definitely linking your blog from mine!

TINE said...

Yayyay! I love your blog too!! I'm going to link you!

STARR said...

nita: Thanks to you and your bf! wow thank you I feel so honored :D

the kitten: Thank you so much! you are the master of layering so I take it as a huge compliment.

mimi: Thank you :)

chlozzard: Thank you! it is a great source of inspiration

lena: <3 layering always

snowshoe: This is probably the sweetest comment on my blog to date. I would wear that outfit of yours in a heartbeat and I feel honored to have my style compared to yours. Linking you!

tine: yay!:D

FiFi said...

Love your plaid shirt!

Closet Kisses said...

U look so amazing in this outfit. its perfect. Cute grunge!


i love ur style!!

STARR said...

fifi: Oh I <3 plaid.

closet kisses: Aww thanks!

flashy: :D