Monday, March 1, 2010

Hair Straightening

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Up until a few months ago I literally did nothing to my hair besides wash it and run a brush through it every so often. Then all the damage of coloring was really starting to show and I had a few inches cut off. After my hair was shorter I realized that it didn't look so good in it's natural wavy state so I started straightening it once or twice a week (not completely but just to tame a few layers).

Lucky for me then that the company Misikko decided to contact me and offered to send a professional flat iron to review. The company also carries other styling products and professional hair dryers. Up until now I've been using a cheap flat iron along with my CHI silk infusion. Since I love the product I have looked up CHI hair straighteners online but the price always turned me off buying one.

I received the hana elite 1" flat iron and the difference between it and my old flat iron is huge. It is far less bulky and heats up much faster. I can now basically cut my straightening time in half because it is so efficient. Which is awesome because I really don't like spending a lot of time on my hair :)


Maeko said...

I got one, too!

We're doing a give away!

Nita-Karoliina said...

I love your hair by the way!

Blicious said...

wow!! what a great way to test products!


anywheredreams said...

the same thing happened to me xD I cut my hair and then my waves looked really bad afterwards so now I have to straighten it all the time ^^

I've heard so much about CHI (reminds me of Chobits) products, i really want to check them out (:

Valencia Lia said...

Wooo,it surely seems like an awesome product to try out! I'm getting one from them to review too so I'm very excited!

And I miss reading your blog,but I can now old job behind me wooohooo