Monday, September 21, 2009

NYFW Beauty Inspiration

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Anna Sui

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Alexander Wang

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Erin Wasson x RVCA

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Zac Posen

So far I've seen enough coverage of the nyfw collections on different blogs so I thought I would share a few makeup looks I really liked.


Rachel said...

I especially love Anna Sui and Alexander Wang, though I think I won't copy the Wang look.

Liya said...

the zac posen one is fantastic
simplistic, bare, beautiful

josephine wayward said...

I really adore the Wang-hairdo.

Malu said...

i think im in love with zac posen haha! thanks for this post:)


Natalie said...

i love the erin wasson for rvca look! the hair is so beachy and messy, my favorite. and i love the brows at alex wang :)

great post!


Melina said...

the alex wang make-up is very cool!!! these eyebrows are rad!

anywhere I lay my head said...

Love the last picture! So simple and yet so beautiful:) I love brown tones the most<333

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I adore the eye makeup so much! The eye lashes are so long!! I want it! xxoxoxo

Original Sin said...

I love love love all of these looks. Loving the hair for erin wasson and make up and of course the imfamous side braid!

Winnie said...

They're all so pretty, I love the Zac Posen look, so natural!

The wang runway show makes me wish I had long hair so I can do a side plait!

Lottie said...

ive been like making my friends with long hair wear the wang braid!
erin wassons beauty looks are amazing

ak said...

obsessed with the braid all the girls wore at awang and love the texture of the hair from rvca

Michelle said...

Like everyone else, i LOVED the hair at Alexander Wang!

World Traveler said...

Check out my fashion blog and follow for updates

Barbro Andersen said...

Wang rocked my heart!

megan said...

lovin the big braid, very cool. i want my hair to be long!


Valencia Lia said...

Woooo,all of them have such light lip colors ! Beautiful.

Erin Wasson and Zac Posen has to be my faves :)

And the Alexander Wang loosr braid I've got to try. Ohhh have been wanting to tell you this in awhile now.

But its you who got me hooked on GOSH darling lipstick(a post you did way back) and getting into the nude lips.
Never regretted it and thanks girl !
An inspiration to me daily<3

Sweet Things said...

i love first look

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Wanderlusting said...

Would love the Erin Wasson x RVCA but I worry it would only suit light eyes - mine are brown :S but the tanned goddess thing I can dig!

Little Bo Peeep said...

Wow beautiful makeup, they all look very natural <3 I love the Anna Sui and Zac Posen one. Gawsh i wish i could do makeup like that!

yiqin; said...

I love the hair at A Wang!!

STARR said...

Valencia: Aww thank you! It is a great lipstick I'm almost out.

LittleBoPeep: Same!

Faridah said...

I love makeup posts more! Gorgeous. My fav was for Erin Wasson x RVCA


fashionable palette said...

Good picks. I like the eyebrows at Wang.

Brandy Shaloo said...

I love the make up Erin is sporting

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

Wang and Wasson girls look amazing-die to look that hot.Esp to have the cheekbones of Wangs amazons!
Really great blog, so interesting and i LOVE the burb blazer with those ultra cool shorts.x

FashionJazz said...

Luv all these looks but A. Wang is my fav! xx

FashionJazz said...

Luv all these looks but A. Wang is my fav! xx


All such great looks!