Monday, November 17, 2008

A Little DC

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Beanie: H&M, Jacket: vintage, Top: Bailey 44, Pants: Zara, Boots: Payless

Yes the infamous D.C. (dropped crotch) pants, as made popular in the blogging world by miss Lulu and in the mainstream by YSL etc.

I bought these pants a while ago but haven't had much motivation to wear them because I find leggings to be more flattering/warm. Recently though I've been wanting a change in silhouette (hence the previous mention of a black maxi skirt) and decided to pull out these pants as a sort of in between stage to hold me over until I can find the skirt.

I'd actually wear these more if they were in the right size and were tighter in the lower leg...Guess I'll just have to wait until H&M starts selling a kids' version.

A few ideas:
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hi darling!
i have found your blog

we are friends on chictopia ..i'm go baby!


InstantVintage said...

I'm really thinking about getting/making a pair. Just to try something new. YAY for diversity!

TINE said...

Awesome! I still really like the jacket on you!

Champagne said...

They look good on you. They kind of remind me of the ones that Camille made. Very nice. I wonder if I would look good in a pair?

surimay said...

oh the drop crotch. you pull it off so well! love the jacket on you as well. lookin' good!

oh and i've given you the "E for Excellence" award for your awesome blogging! :D hope you like it!

jaime said...

awww thank you sweetie! YOU are such a pretty girl :) your style and photos are such an inspiration!

Dakota77 said...

I can't see myself wearing drop crotch pants, but I must say I like them on you:-)

Vero said...

yes the jacket and drop crotch is the sh*t!! you wear it so well.

Electro Geisha said...

I can't see myself wearing drop crotch pants, but I must say I like them on you:-)and i like your new header :)

Miss Urbanita said...

Love your jacket and your necklace!

seralouise said...

love ur idea of playing with silhouettes ! xx

Fashion Tidbits said... make black on black look so chic :)

Miranda said...

it looks great :)
you make black look new every dayyyy <3

Maeko said...

Man, you make those things look so sexy.

I wish I could do just leggings, DC pants, but it's been 25 degrees lately and snowing. We don't get much of an Autumn here in the D.

What's the weather like there lately?

S of Modern-Guilt said...

You are so rock n' roll chic! I covet your wardrobe so much it's insane.

Myriam said...

That jacket suits you well young lady!

Nicole said...

this is bad ass!!

I am new to bloggin so you should check out my blog!

I definatly have you linked on mine!

aPigeonWithaMonocle said...

Brilliant outfit as always. I love the D.C. pants, Now I must have them.


Marina said...

Nice blog... Are you interesting in a link exchange with my blog :
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Marina (from France)

erika said...

i looove that jacket. how much was it?

STARR said...

greta: Hi gorgeous <3 You have the best style.

instantvintage: You should! I want to make some too when I have some extra time.

champagne: I think you would :) They do remind me of her's, but mine could be longer too.

surimay: Thank you <3

dakota: lol thank you

vero: :)

electro: Thanks for noticing. Decided it was time to use a picture of my own :)

seralouise: Thanks. Sometimes its a good thing to stop worrying about what's flattering lol

fashion tidbits: haha yay

miranda: Thank you!

maeko: I don't know about that lol It's getting REALLY cold here too. But I barely ever dress warm enough during the winter.

S: Likewise!

nicole: I will :)

apigeonwithamonocle: haha I like your username. I think its a fun trend to try out especially since it's not so easy.

marina: Yes Linked

erika: Only $40 (plus shipping though since it was from Ebay)

mademoiselleb said...

The last pic is great !

STARR said...

^I know! I wish I could find an outfit like that. It looks so warm.

Slanelle said...

u look very cool,i love your outfits! i'm adding your blog to my link list ;)

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.